Thursday, August 15, 2013

Conditional assemblies merged in ModelArtifact in 13.1.6

Hello all,

The following modules do not exist anymore in

ConditionalActionState, ConditionalControllerState, ConditionalObjectView now are under the ModelArtifact omprella.

Also Logic.Win merged with Logic module. So you need to remove all code and change the usings in case you have them install in your projects.

There are a few breaking changes in, so please post in the forums in case you get lost with the new super fast and flexible logic ruling engine.

In short everything that has to do with Logic Rules is now handled by the logic modules and there are a few classes like LogicRuleManager, LogicInstallerManager, LogicRuleCollector, LogicRuleEvaluator etc that do all the hard job. The design now is very clean and easy to follow and I am sure it will reduce many strange issues we had and will help to build new modules based on the Logic engine!

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