Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Runtime views created from business users

You all know the powerful Application Model Editor with the embedded layout control that allows view creation without any technical knowledge. However the Model Editor is so powerful that may be dangerous to allow access to everybody. A few years now in eXpand we have the XpandViewVariants module that allowed end users to build views without the model editor. This modules is based in XAF’s built-in ViewVariants module and the XAF team is constantly improving it. However eXpand resources are not so huge so our module was a bit outdated.

Today things changed, because I spend some hours to refactor the ModifyVariantsController and now can do magic. if you using eXpand you only need to install XpandViewVariants module, if not and thanks to XAF’s MVC architecture just grab the controller for eXpand’s online repository http://goo.gl/mnFR7 or even follow its history http://goo.gl/CPx5A.

Now simply watch the next video to see that this controller can do for you.http://screencast.com/t/nrELagRJBhY

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Comments as always in eXpand forums Smile, here a related thread http://goo.gl/cQ05p.

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