Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Auto authentication + rememberme for your XAF web apps coming

In next version of eXpandframework there is a new Security module for web (Xpand.ExpressApp.Security.Web.dll) that can automatically logon using forms authentication. It is based on the CanAutomaticallyLogonWithStoredLogonParameters functionality of XAF web apps.
To use it simply install the Xpand.ExpressApp.Security and use the XpandLogonParameters object in your authentication type
To enable this functionality as usual we need to use XAF’s Application Model editor.
As you can see in the image above it is possible to control the ticket expiration as well.
By default XpandLogonParameters will render a RememberMe checkbox
However again using Model Editor we can simply remove the RememberMe PropertyEditor and the auto authentication will work for any user logged in last!
Happy XAFing to everyone! and do not forget your input in our forums
P.S.: Here is the related code in our github repo

If you like to see this feature in embedded in XAF please track

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