Monday, August 20, 2012

Module decoupling from core functionality

In order to use an Xpand module up to now we were forced to derive from XpandWinApplication or XpandWebApplication and then register the module using the toolbox. Along with the module functionality however core modules were activated (eg. controllers, updaters, model extensions). These steps are well described in How to use an eXpand module with an existing XAF application.

The process however is not optimal. Many of you already suggested to provide a more flexible and decoupled way. Even if core modules have a huge amount of useful functionality it should be possible to avoid activating them and use only the module that we are interested in.

Good news! From version this is possible and for almost all the modules we do not need to derive from Xpand’s XafApplications. All modules are able to operate without the core however the references back to the core remain. This allows the modules to use the API they need.

There are a few special cases which I will describe them in this forum thread.

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