Monday, January 30, 2012

January news

Friends asking me what are you doing man? I usually answer back: busy busy busy. They usually respond with a phrase like: Busy is good it means that you are doing great!

Latest Collaborations

  1. Our MSI package now installs VS New Project Item templates and sources. (Thanks to Dima Janzen!)
  2. Several bugs due to improved Security system support
  3. SqlDBmapper now support different database schemas (see also
  4. DomainComponent support for Logic Modules
  5. Bugs in the core modules (LinqCollectionSource, ChooseFromListCollectionEditor) (,
  6. Middle Tier support for our new custom permissions for the improved security system (
  7. New module release: DBMapper has the same functionality as SqlDbMapper however is based on the powerful XPO. Thus this module is capable of transforming into WorldCreator persistent classes the following list of databases: Access, Advantage, Adaptive Server Anywhere, Ase, DB2, FireBird, FireBirdSql, SqlServerCe, SqlServer, ODP,
    Oracle, PersasizeSql, PostgreSql, SQLite, VistaDB

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