Monday, January 30, 2012

December news

Although a bit outdated its better to publish it now than never. Your eXpand collaborations never stop, so it’s a shame to keep them secret from the rest of the community.

Latest Collaborations

  1. Logic modules(AdditionalViewControlsProvider, MasterDetail, ConditionalDetailViews, ModelArtifact) as well as ModelDifference, PivotChart were migrated to the new XAF security system. The new custom permissions are located under the Security.Improved namespace in each module.
  2. Out of the box support for support for CachedDataStoreService (see also
  3. Minor bugs in MasterDetail, PivotChart, ExceptionHandling
  4. An eXpand based version of SecurityDemo solution added to our sources.
  5. AdditionalViewsControls now have better support for custom controls (see also
  6. eXpand has build in support for Sequence objects and we make it possible to to use a custom one.
  7. In addition to the big list of runtime member types we added a new custom member type, which allows to specify an callback which is called in the getter of the member (Thanks to Martin Praxmarer)
  8. MasterDetail now supports validation of child list view objects (Thanks to Martin Praxmarer)

Thank you all for your contributions! Lets work closer together in 2012 and give even more value to our beloved frameworks!

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