Friday, November 18, 2011

November news

The last few months have been exciting here at eXpand. First and foremost the number of you that are contributing to the project has shot up which is great news for all of us! Also (as some of you may have noticed) we have earned ourselves a place in the DevExpress start menu. There has been a flurry of activity on the development side too, as a result we are pleased to offer a host of innovative new features. Finally eXpand is now registered at so it can be accessed via Visual Studio.


First of all we must all say a big thank you to everybody that has been contributing to eXpand in any way. We appreciate your continuing love and support whether in the form of forum posts, code submissions, user suggestions or simply spreading the good word about eXpand! Our community is very healthy right now, I am proud of the fact that eXpand users are collaborating more than ever and sharing their ideas and stories.

Of course at the same time we must thank DevExpress for their steady support and the trust that they have placed in eXpand. By allowing eXpand a place in their start menu it’s not even easier for us to share our framework with other XAF developers.

To all those who are ready to take the leap and start contributing to our framework I can promise that being part of our community means a full share in all of the benefits. Of course the more we all contribute the more benefits there will be!

Latest Collaborations

I could talk about new features here, however I have deliberately chosen the word ‘collaborations’ in recognition of the fact that these developments are a direct result of your contributions to eXpand. It is clear that to list all of our collaborations here would take too long, but lets take a look at some of the most successful so far;

  • Masterdetail

    Offers support for actions state synchronization between master detail frames.
  • LayoutViewGridListEditor

    Enables LayoutView mode in the GridControl in List Views as in E1486.
  • Setup version

    In order to make distinguishing between versions easier we have used a version dedicated name for our setup.
  • Wizard

    Offers support for domain components.
  • Caching support

    Enables caching at client and server by using a setting in the application config file.
  • Toolbox

    When compiling our sources all eXpand assemblies will be auto registered to VS toolbox.

What's next?

More modules that will prove the simplicity and power of XAF from dedicated coders. In addition we are redesigning our site in order to establish better collaboration with all of you. We see this as an opportunity through XAF modularized architecture to share our experiences in order to give our business more relaxed weekends. We believe that with your help our job will become much easier, especially since DX is also here to guide us!

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