Tuesday, March 29, 2011

eXpand moves to Interactive development

For the past two years we concentrated on working with real world projects. We also worked with SC and forum issues from DevExpress. All this we used to gather requirements for eXpand Framework. It was a good starting point and we need your active input to move further. In order to build a proper road map for eXpand we have created several ways which we can use to work together.

The voting system

First off is a voting system based on UserVoice that has been in operation for some time now. Follow the link and you can see the most popular suggestions and you don’t even need to login to cast your votes.

For some time now a voting system based on UserVoice is functional for our site.There you see the most popular suggestions.
But how it works? You just click on Cast your votes



  1. Searching for an idea is always preferred before posting a new suggestion :)
  2. Remember that you only have 10 votes for all the suggestions in the list. But you get those back if the suggestion you voted for gets implemented. So, vote carefully. Top right frame gives you the summary of the suggestions you voted for.
  3. To stay on top of the changes to the suggestions you can subscribe to the General activity feed
  4. The most important feature is the discussion that we would ideally have about each suggestion. And this is in your own benefit. You have to convince others of the importance of any given suggestion and have then cast their precious votes.

You can also see top 3 suggestions straight from eXpand’s home page:


The project management system

In the first picture (top of this page) at the right frame the first suggestion is “Provide what's new, changed, fixed”. We agree with you that this one should be taken very seriously - users should have a good reason to download latest revision. This suggestion is already assigned to our web master and CI expert Dima Janzen and as far as I know he is considering http://www.redmine.org/ pas a project management system for our web site and he might speak about it when the time comes. We think that Redmine is an excellent and mature system, but do have a look at their web site (which is built on… Redmine!) and contribute to the discussion (Provide a what's new, changed, fixed) if you have a comment or an alternative to suggest.

The blog

Big thanks go to our irreplaceable Dima again who takes care of the web site and who just announced that our blog can republish YOUR blog (it is already republishing mine).


Do you have a blog?
Do you blog about XAF / eXpandFramework ?
Do you want us to host your article on our blog?

Please email expand@expandframework.com, and we are more than happy to republish your articles on our site.

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