Thursday, February 24, 2011

NCarousel for XAF

jCarousel is a well known carousel build using JQuery by Jan Sorgalla. I have port the Carousel with dynamic content loading via JavaScript to .Net and created NCarousel which is basically a classic server control that a developer can configure using c# .

A list editor and added to eXpand (NCarouselListEdior) and all NCarousel control properties are also in the model so you can configure it from there.



A special interface IPictureItem should be implemented by your BO object in order editor to work.

public interface IPictureItem


    string ID { get; }

    Image Image { get; }

    string ImagePath { get;  }


At least one of Image, ImagePath peoperties should have values

To make the design of NCarousel skin design fast without having to go back to the model many times I have added the AllowOverride attribute at model, which basically does not inject any specific to view css, thus allowing the skin to be overridden by adding a ling to a css file in your default.aspx.

You can get the default skin css either from eXpand feature center application or from JCarousel original files


That way you modify only the css with dimensions, colors what ever you fill like and then set the attribute back to false and copy your css modifications back to the model so they can be inject as specific to view css.

A normal thumbnail list editor that will display all images in one go similar to the one available at DevExpress Extend demo has been added as well


The image bellow demo the use of multiple editors as nested listview editors,


ps:as text bellow image will concatenate all visible properties of the listview. Samples of those editors can be found at Xpand Feacturecenter web application

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