Thursday, February 10, 2011

eXpand framework web version release

I know that many of you were using eXpand modules for your XAF web applications for some time now and I want to thank you on behalf of the team for your feedback. However since now there wasn’t any official release for them from our team. We are happy to announce the release of the web version of our framework today.

  • We have publish VS project item templates for web for both c# and Also a web version of our featurecenter application comes along.


As you see in the above image there is a Whats New section now for tracking new features.

  • modules list has been enhanced with platform images so you can tell what platform each module supports


  • 2 more web specific modules have been added (18. NCarousel, 19. Thumbnail), but to keep this blog short i am going to post later on them
  • Control navigation menu options through model for both platforms

  • Remember me feature for both platforms
  • Control nested collections web visibility according to listview ViewEditMode model attribute
  • How to auto-select the first item, when changing the group in the navigation control
  • How to prompt when the user is about to exit the application.
  • Google as default translation provider
  • When you have deep object hierarchies (eg you may have a lot of permissions in your app) then you will end up with a new object create menu like the one bellow
    there is sure a need for some easy way of grouping those objects. You can decorate your objects like


        public class AdditionalViewControlsPermission : ConditionalLogicRulePermission {



        public class MasterDetailPermission : ConditionalLogicRulePermission {

    or even better write a controller that will do that automatically in case you forgot


            public override void CustomizeTypesInfo(DevExpress.ExpressApp.DC.ITypesInfo typesInfo) {


                var typeDescendants = ReflectionHelper.FindTypeDescendants(typesInfo.FindTypeInfo(typeof(ConditionalLogicRulePermission)));

                foreach (var typeInfo in typeDescendants) {

                    typeInfo.AddAttribute(new NewObjectCreateGroupAttribute("Conditional"));




    and the result will look like

You can download expandframework from explore our featurecenter and sent us your feedback at our forums

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