Monday, November 1, 2010

Runtime Orphaned Collections

eXpand already provided support for various runtime member scenarios such as

Calculated properties at runtime—TIMES 4
Dynamic Types with WorldCreator source code is out

In the post I am going to speak about our latest addition which is support for runtime orphaned collections.

Using Model Editor

As you see in the image bellow you only have to create a new IModelRuntimeOrphanedColection image

set CollectionType attribute (1)


and filter the collection by using the criteria (2).

Although the Model Editor approach with a combination of the ModelDifference module can provide great flexibility such as defining Runtime Collections for a set of Roles or Users has a drawback. It does not add those collections in any of your views. You have to do that manually.

Using WorldCreator Extended Classes

This approach overcomes the previous Model Editor drawback, since the runtime collections are created before the model. Hence your runtime collections are added to all related views


As you saw in the above images that functionality is demoed at eXpand feature center

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