Monday, October 11, 2010

Let your business users develop for you

At November 27-28 one of the biggest IT events ITPro & Dev Connections will take place in Athens. I am invited to speak over Xaf / eXpand and I will speak over the post subject: “Let your business users develop for you” (14:15-15:30). If you plan to be in Athens in that time and you like to come to the event, I suggest you secure your seat now cause as far as I know they are only few of them left

Short description of my speech

Definition of Garbage Code can be consider any code that project specific and your company cannot reuse

The solution would be to make that code configurable/ declarative and push it back to your reusable framework. You will learn all about Xaf architecture, you will see how much Xaf by default can achieve the previous by describing your domain and UI over a model, and how the open source framework our team is developing takes it to another level.

For those of you that will attend, DevExpress is sponsoring my speech with one license of DXperience Universal!!!

PS: If you want me to present anything XAF /eXpand related to your local .NET user group do not hesitate to contact me


Building a Business Solution

  • Following the typical pattern (6 Steps)
  • Xaf implementation of the typical pattern (2 Steps)
  • eXpand declarative world!!! (FeatureCenter)
    • Models
      • Application, Role, User models creation-upcasting-modyfication
      • Combining and associate with permissions
      • Handling external Models
    • Dynamic Persistent Assemblies
    • Connecting to external databases (eg.ERP)
    • IO mechanism
    • Extending Models by Applying Design Patterns
      • Runtime Interfaces
      • Building conditional modules
  • QA

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