Monday, October 4, 2010

eXpandFramework v10 released

Our team is happy to announce a stable v10 version for windows platform. In order to help the community adopt expand further we have publish an expand dedicated site at . Forums are available also for discussion over various cases at

A big thanks to our sponsors (only 5 for now :) but we expect more), all are happy to provide a pro license to anyone that is interested to help building expandframework. Also our team is building a wiki over our new site , so if you have modules, controllers, ideas , want to be a dedicated wiki writer or you want to actively help expandframework development please write us at .

You can find the latest nightly builds at our download section where sources and binaries are available.

Along with the framework a FeatureCenter application has been released. FeatureCenter is developed having in mind to present features decoupled, so it is very easy to get the most our of it. Our suggestion to get the most out of it goes as following:

First run Featurecenter, first time load will be slow cause creates many datastores(5 for now) and imports a lot of data. Then navigate through the menu system and see a feature you are interested in eg. Grid Column Options


First you read the nodes over the feature that are available for each view .

Then if model differences have been applied to the view to enable /configure the feature a special action will be enabled as you see in the next image


executed and note the differences as shown to understand what model modification are needed in order the feature to work.


and as last step you can use your Visual studio Solution explorer to navigate at the same path as the navigation menu to see the design time of the feature.


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