Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ERP to XAF connection on the fly part1

There is a new kid on the block called DBMapper that obsoletes SqlDBMapper. DBMapper has the same functionality as SqlDbMapper however is based on the powerful XPO . Thus  DBMapper module is capable of transforming into WorldCreator persistent classes the following list of databases: Access, AdvantageAdaptive Server Anywhere, Ase, DB2FireBirdFireBirdSqlSqlServerCeSqlServerODP
Some years ago (before Xaf was born) you have bought an ERP for your company and you are not satisfied with its Analysis,Reporting,PIvoting,Sceduling etv capabilities and you wish the creator of your ERP to have use Xaf instead.
If you are looking for the easiest way to map your ERP database into a Xaf application expand framework has the solution for you its called WorldCreator SqlDBMapper module. That module can map any Sql server database into a Xaf application. Bellow I demo how you can use it.
Create an empty eXpand solution
or use an existing one and navigate to the persistent assembly listview
create a new persistent assembly info object, for the sake of the demo i will map NorthWind database,
Use the Tools/Map Database action
to connect to a database
assign the default navigation path where your the generated classes want to appear in the navigation menu
The above actions will generate persistent classes that will map the exact schema of any sql database (all relations/types are supported)
It will also produce the code of the classes and you may copy it and add it to your solution and not use the runtime version of them
After restarting the application eXpand will compile that code and load it as Xaf module , It will also connect to the database allowing you to modify/analyze its data. Also an assembly will be created at the application directory for further use with the name NorthWind.expand
Final the navigation items in the path you set above (WorldCreator/NorthWind)
and you are ready !!!

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