Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Calculated properties at runtime—TIMES 4

In this post you are going to see how you can use on more of eXpand powerfull features. 4 different ways for creating calculated runtime properties are avaliable.

  1. XPO way –>Using Code
    Take a note at the CreateCalculabeMember extension method at the code bellow

        public class CreateRuntimeCalculatedFieldController : ViewController {

            public override void CustomizeTypesInfo(DevExpress.ExpressApp.DC.ITypesInfo typesInfo) {


                var classInfo = XafTypesInfo.XpoTypeInfoSource.XPDictionary.GetClassInfo(typeof(Customer));


                if (classInfo.FindMember("SumOfOrderTotals")==null) {

                    var attributes = new Attribute[] {new PersistentAliasAttribute("Orders.Sum(Total)")};

                    classInfo.CreateCalculabeMember("SumOfOrderTotals", typeof(float), attributes);





  2. Using ModelDifference Module
    Setting IsRuntimeMember attribute will create a runtime member and setting the AliasExpression will convert it to a calculated member
    Take a note here that you can easily create calculabe members for the whole application or for a user role or for just one user, depending which type of model is going to host your property
  3. Using WorldCreator extended members
    This approach can be used when u want to decorate your property with more attributes , since WorldCreator  supports much more than the model
    image image
  4. Using a WordCreator Dynamic Assembly
    this approach is the most powerfull one cause allows you also to change the code template as you see in the image bellow


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