Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New MemberLevel Security module

eXpand has a new module that make its easy to protect selected members from selected object instances.

It does the above by checking if in the current system has been granted a eXpand.ExpressApp.MemberLevelSecurity.Win.Security.ProtectRowMemberPermission with an allow Modifier.

Then it will allow you to protect selected members of an object as shown in the image


above I have protected (minus sign) boths phones but not the fax (plus sign). So a user that do not have permission will see


or for listviews


There is also a non object instance depented permission for use as suggested by K18110


So when you create a new role you have to add the following permision by default

role.AddPermission(new MemberAccessPermission(typeof (object), null, MemberOperation.Read,


role.AddPermission(new MemberAccessPermission(typeof (object), null, MemberOperation.Write,


if you do not use eXpand new project item VS template then you have to manually reference


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