Thursday, February 11, 2010

Exception handling module

eXpand has some time now an Exception Handling module that has not being introduced at all

To install it ExceptionHandling.dll and ExceptionHandling.Win.dll or ExceptionHandling.Web.dll have to be added to your RequiredModuleTypes collection.

For logging exceptions handling I am using Microsoft Enterprise Library Logging Application Block. I m a huge fun of how well MSEL library is designed and browsing their source code is a best resource to learn.

Visual Studio eXpand Project Item template has been updated with configuration files containing all sections required by MSEL

MSEL has a configuration tool that helps you manage the configuration files and it is included at _third_party_assemblies eXpand folder along with other require MSEL assemblies. I have use that tool to create the sections required by MSEL.

So I have setup my application to send exceptions by email and also log them in the event viewer like shown in next figure



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