Monday, January 11, 2010

WorldCreator2 source code is out and stable


I have never really release a stable version through this blog of the module that allows you to create dynamic types through templating and scripting, so I am doing it now that the code is stable enough.

To get the code read

New Features

eXpand Application Solution project item template

John Pouliezos created a better design experience for all eXpand users by adding a New Project Item template.

10-1-2010 8-28-35 μμ

Using the above template you do not have to worry any more about setting up assembly references or registering modules/ persistent classes

To install the template run the vs_setup.cmd batch file located at the root of eXpand folder after running buildall.cmd. You may want to uncomment the x86 lines if your system is not x64

10-1-2010 8-48-30 μμ

or change your VS path if its not installed at the default location.

Runtime assembly validation

Your dynamic assemblies may not compile any more if you mess your scripts, up to now compilation happen every application startup, so to save that startup time I have added a new validate action that can validate your scripts and display any errors at persistent assembly compile errors property without restart

10-1-2010 8-57-11 μμ

Auto generation of associated collection

Again to speed things up and since xpo requires to add a collection property to the other part of association, when u create a new referenced object association you can automatically create the other part as well.


take a note that the “Auto Generate Other Part Member” now works only on reference properties and not the other way around, also the generation takes place at persistent reference memberInfo saving only if member info has a persistent association attribute

ps:if you do not use the eXpand new project item template I suggest you add the following code at your module.designer.cs file that is responsible for loading all persistent classes

image image

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