Monday, November 9, 2009

Filtering a listview of objects according to their childs

 The Problem 1
A common requirement in any OOP application is the ability to filter a listview of objects according to their childs in whatever level they belong.

eXpand can solve the above by the use of propertypath filters. So in an Customer—>Orders--->OrderLines relationship

the filter bellow are enough to filter your customer list view according to any property value of their Orders child collection


with the one bellow you can filter customer list view by any property value of orderlines collection of customers orders collection


In the video bellow i demo

1. the above functionality that is hosted at eXpand.ExpresApp assembly,
2. eXpand.ViewVariants module for creating views without the model editor (that is badly needed now that we can have multiple filters on a view)
3. A more complex filtering scenario using recursive filtering (provided by eXpand.TreeListEditors.Win) and a combination of filtering

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