Thursday, November 19, 2009

eXpand source code has moved to GitHub

why we moved to GitHub?

The main reason is speed. With Git u get the chance to work locally make your operations at your H/D and push any of those changes to GitHub anytime you want. And even that is  faster cause Git does not rely of Differences (Deltas) to work, it is just sending snapshot of the current file system.

Another reason is that the tools for Gitting are pretty stable right now so there is no need to master Unit Shell in order to use it. So you can find TortoiseGit which is TortosieSvn port, Also GitExtensions are doing a very good job with Git – Visual studio integration.

Another very impressive feature of GitHub is the collaboration between users. For example you may want to develop upon eXpand in your own way and without being a member of the project and git hub gives a cool way to visualize that

see Say hello to the Network Graph Visualizer

or you may want at future to merge with eXpand main line or another developer line , its entirely up to u.

And for those of you that do not want or care about using Git in your daily work, GitHub provides a compressed archive of sources to download and use by just clicking a download link Dutton.

see also how

How to get eXpand latest version
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