Thursday, October 22, 2009

Merge UserModel with Application Model

By Martin Praxmarer

Tired of making all DetailView Layout and ListView Layout in the ModelEditor instead at Runtime where you immediatly see the results?

The Solution is eXpands ModelDiffs Module.


Create a new User and give it a name like “ModelAdmin”. Next Create a new Role “ModelAdmin Role” – and create a new Model Combine Permission. Set the Modifier to “Allow”, and set the Difference Name to the Name of your Application Model:


Now assign the created User to this new Role. Last step is to open the User Difference Model, and set the Model to “Non Persistent” since we dont want to save User changes here. Thats it.

Now you can start your Application, make changes in Detail- and ListViews, and when you exit the Application all changes are merged to the Model which you have defined in your Model Combine Permission!

Cool eh?

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