Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ModelArtifact AdditionalViewControlsProvider And MasterDetail videos republished

Since I got many complaints about the low resolution of my videos I am on a search for a better video hosting service than YouTube.

Robert suggested to use Silverlight service at Blogger Video embedding resolved but this one looks the same as YouToube. After spending some more time on researching on this I came across http://blip.tv/ excellent hosting service

To get an idea how good they are I suggest you read their FAQs

  • They accept almost all kinds of  Videos
  • They are free
  • They do not change the video after uploading
  • The customization of the video playback controls is unlimited.
  • You can configure almost anything on their well design interface

I am going to use that excellent service to republish my videos

So if you want to see those videos again in good resolution this time go to

Bend Xaf Applications with Model Artifact State Module 


Implementing Master-Detail with No Code

and use the full screen button on the bottom right corner


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