Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogger Video embedding resolved

I recently most ModelArtifactState and with the congratulations for it I got many complains about the video quality.

This is because I host my videos to YouTube which has many drawbacks

  • The actual resolution of YouTube videos is limited to 320 x 240 pixels.
  • The video suffers from strong compression (limited to 250 kbps).
  • The YouTube watermark may overlap your video.
  • The customization of the video playback controls is limited.

But where to host my files? Little more googling and I came to Google sites that offer 100Mb / per site and 11mb per file limits. I think that is enough

After talking to a flash guru like Kostas Efimeros I got the info I need.

I should convert my videos to FLV format using for example SUPER which is a free FLV video encoder and use JW FLV Player to stream them from Google sites

ps: In order JW FLV Player to work correctly your urls query string should be null

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  1. How about Silverlight?
    Microsoft gives you 10 GB free!

    regards, Robert

  2. Yes it does but has a youtube like policy . Have you try to u/l any video? they change it to meet their standards.