Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Runtime distribution of model changes to a group of users

I am going to demonstrate one more application scenario using eXpand and DictionaryDifferenceStore module. We are going to create to roles (hrempolyers , courierempoyers) and we are going to assign a difference Cutomer listview to each one of them

Listview for HR people will see customers grouped by their birthday and listview for courier grouped by their address

For both roles the navigation menu will contain the default User button that was provided by xaf.

see how to setup DictionaryDifferenceStore module

In the next video I have already created 2 extra Roles

HRRole with Hr1, Hr2 Users
CourRole with Cour1, Cour1 Users inside

The above video was recorded with eXpand v0.0.0.6


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  1. Does the eXpand DictionaryDiffenceStore also allow changes to be stored by User (rather than Role)?

  2. Tolis, why not make the solutions from the videos available for download?

    regards, Robert

  3. @anpnynous:Storing models by the user is the default behaviour.
    @BobFox:I do not post any source code because since the model is saved to the database I have no code to publish . I could publish the database though and you can then apply it to an empty project

  4. Hello. I am using the latest eXpand on an existing database and have added the reference like in the video. When I start the application I get an error. I must be missing something simple.

    Schema needs to be updated. Contact your system administrator. Sql text: Invalid object name 'dbo.PersistentApplication'.

  5. have you try inherit from eXpand.ExpressApp.Win.WinComponent instead of DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win.WinApplication?

  6. That was it. I thought a while back the requirement to use WinComponent was removed. i guess not. Thanks!