Monday, June 22, 2009

eXpand RWF = (Real world framework)--->First thoughts

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The last few months me and my friend John have been working on a framework build using Xaf. It is called XafPoint and has almost 40 generic modules!!!

What is it? What it does ?

It is build using the same architecture as Xaf and contains abstract modules like the Xaf one’s so we can build our every day scenario.

How it was build ?

Since I am  from the first beta day a Xaf user I managed to have a strong and abstract layer just above xaf. Then I met john that had a large project and he was using SharePoint services to implement it. But when I told him some cool stuff on Xaf he got very excited and he told me that he wanted to use Xaf as the data management feature of SharePoint so we tried and in a few months join our knowledge and tools and we build a well structure framework called XafPoint. But since we believe that this  project belongs to the public we  are going to release it as an open source project called eXpand

The problem is that we do not want that open source to fail but this will be for sure if we just release our code to public as it is. Not that its not of good quality but guess what? its undocumented and  all of you know that this is too bad. One more problem is that we know not much about how to coordinate an open source project so we need your help on this one also

So me and John sit down and make things we have to do in order our framework to be released in a descent form at open source community

How to setup Xaf open source project called eXpand

  1. Refactor all namespaces from XafPoint to eXpand, Rename projects, Rename folders on file system, Add versioning, Rename assembly names
  2. StrongKey file for the release version
  3. Import refactored code / modules to Google code and try with help of Google to understand better the process of creating an open source software
  4. Create build scripts
  5. Toolbox Creator for release version
  6. Setup some standards that modules have to fill in order to be hosted in eXpand
  7. Decide which modules will be released with version 1 beta
  8. Create a Visual studio project template that
  9. Create a post / wiki entry for each Module / Controller describing behaviors not how the code works but what is the behavior it supports

Of course we want your suggestions on this list please give it a try

I am going to blog about each entry on that list to keep you inform

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  1. As long as you're not going to release a commercial framework (to put it simple "sale the damn thing") then 1,2,3,4,5 and a pinch of 6 are not necessary, at least not from day 1. You can release it, and step by step improve it. Being afraid that it will be rejected because of those "limitations" it's, imho, not true. Release and keep things going one by one and step by step.